Daily Fire-

Went to the unemployment office to see if they could give me any hints as to what im doing wrong, and that was a waste of time Basically the person said  that what iIm doing is fine just plug away…no help no resources, no nothing.  Its rather depressing since I cant even get an interview.   On to other stuff

Im not super motivated today my knee is killing me , but I did go to the library and picked up a few books.  Books on alternative spirituality are few and far between, I live in hickville so it takes Awhile to dig thru the catalog for something relevant,  Ive found looking for folk stories can help.  I picked up a book on haitian festivals and it actually mentions voodoo, which for my library is unusual-one time I found tracts had been put it the “paganish” books something about your all going to hell etc etc .  I also picked up some books with mermaid stories that look interesting.  I realized that I had been neglecting La Siren a bit so I spent some time thinking of her, I ran my hand over the marks of when I had a tail and was communing with her (long story) and smiled fondly at those memories, the warmth ,the feeling of swimming thru the ocean .  I was doing some research and came across something that suggested one of the songs we sing for La Siren part of the meaning is  my hat falls into the sea really means Im being possesed, and your head falls into the sea of conscious.  It makes the song more important to me now that I have more understanding of it  I really want to find a comb and mirror for her but no luck yet, I cant wait to get the beads Sir said he’d give me that reminded him of her and sew them onto my skirt.    I owe her something, but it will have to wait till the next time im at the ocean, which might be awhile since I have no job.  I also did some research into a certain someone who I had the reading about and it brought up some interesting thoughts.