Being back on the meds has givin me massive headaches its time to scale back it’s a balancing act to get a decent awakeness but avoid most of the headaches. Ive actually done a decent amount of spirituality stuff today, some more research on odin im still working on organizing the notes from that.  Also some research on godspouses and other god human relationships.  Information has been a bit hard to find, but im working on it.  Ive also subscribed to some folks blogs that talk about their relationships to their gods so I can get some personal observation.  Ive also got a library trip planned tomorrow for some books on norse and la siren stuff.  I have become a bit more refocused on the spirituality stuff especially since coming back from the epic 2.5 week trip, now if I can only refocus that into the unemployment search, im getting kind of worried about not being able to find a job yet.  Spirituality wise Im beginning to realize how much work this is to keep up, devotional work research etc but Im ok with it.  Many years ago I started to say I need to do something, get some direction spirituality wise, but I never really did much about it , until I met this guy  and everything changed.  Well I didn’t realize how much at first, but he opened my eyes to a whole to world of woo and my jaw dropped.  My own personal journey has been rather slow-but that’s cause I didn’t do the necessary work.  But there has been change sometimes I just haven’t noticed it .  Always a work in progress  🙂