Daily fire7/3

So Ive been doing some research on Freya norse goddess  of  love-  how she got her necklace, how her husband Oor  was gone frequently. A sorceress who had a falcon skin allowing her (and others that borrowed it like Loki)  to fly as a falcon.  Then I came across something that mentions her lesson as goddess of love is that of self esteem and that the universe will give someone what they will settle for not necessarily what they should work for that would be better for them.  That she teaches  people to value themselves  and their “favors” rather than giving them out to anyone who comes by and “looks interested”  This really struck home,  I tend to fall for the first thing that pays attention to me, which hasn’t had the greatest of results, and has left me desperate sometimes.  I am trying to be patient and wait for the right (for now) “one” (or 2 etc), but when nothing good is coming my way-that might be my own fault (or im not noticing it) and Ive been unemployed for awhile its hard to feel wanted.

So Freya, if you’re listening thanks for reminding me about self esteem issues, and that I don’t want to settle for just someone/s who showed interest, but take my time and really get to know someone, and let  them get to know me and that Im worth getting to know.  And, I offer a necklace put together by me, in thanks-it wont be as beautiful as Brisingamen, but it will be of amber. It might take me awhile to gather materials, but Ill have it done by Oct 14.