I didnt have internet/cable again for most of today and its giving me more time to think about things in general.  I procrastinate and get distracted alot its easy for me to say, ok im going to do some research into spirituality stuff and then get distracted by something on tv and an hour goes by.  But I did get a  bit of reading done and Im working on some online research gotta take notes otherwise ill forget.  Sometimes its hard to know where to start because im not sure exactly what im looking for-the main concepts of a deity, stories about them , how people worship them etc , its a work in progress.

Ive been working on revamping my ritual whites -unfourtunately they have purple spots on them from the wash. But, I couldnt throw away the old ones they have gone thru alot with me, from my first experience with trance style possesion to today.  I decided to mix half of the skirt with the new material, so I have new and old.  I know I need change in parts of my life but honestly Im scared of too much change