Its hotter then hades today and all I want to do is curl up with a fan and not do anything, but I have duties to Sir.  Sometimes I drag my feet, and say something about the heat.  But that’s not what I feel deep down inside.  Its that spark of my dedication to him, the impetus of doing a good job because I want to.  That he has given me his time and energy, that familiar story of when I hear good job or good girl I flush from head to toe and he loves the way what he says makes me blush.

I so want to go swimming in her ocean, to feel her presence to let the waves wash over me.  Sir once said most likely she is a gateway to whomever “owns” my head and if you’ve been reading along youll know that that is my number one focus it seems these days that ive always felt something bigger guiding me even thru the good and bad times kind of like a trial by fire

Sir also mentioned that by journaling I should be able to see those small changes and be able to figure things out.  When I get back home im going to add a space on my altar for the person in question from the utos ritual (and yes for now im being intentionally vague still ) and just let him know im thinking about him, that im trying to learn more about him .  So letting him know Im here, but not expecting anything right this moment cause that’s the feeling I got in the reading the other day , and things will happen of their own accord