So got a reading today about something that happened at a utos ritual and well it was interesting.  Essentially it said to look at that small daily changes, rather than the bigger pictures.  To journal those small daily changes, my inner fire, what inspires me .  That really I didn’t know about the person that had “noticed me” and that to read up on them and talk to godspouses, and godslaves  and people that know them to be able to decide whether I wanted to have a relationship with them or not .  That Im not going to control who owns my head or when I find out, and that part of it is up to the fates.

Todays inner fire :I feel inspired about Sir and his work He and Winter spent several hours doing a reading for me trying to figure out what the deity in question wanted .  It didn’t go nearly as I had thought, but I appreciate it so much.   I appreciate their expertise, and advise I might not have shown it though I was exhausted and trying to keep my eyes open.

It is frustrating since Im sooo impatient. But after sleeping on it I realized some of it has to do with the fact that part of it is “I want to be in the cool kids club”  I want to know who “owns” my head I want to be able to engage/talk/whatevers with other spiritual folks who already know  who owns their head.  The truth of the matter? I already can even without knowing who owns my head.  I am surrounded by folks who know a shit ton more than I do about different dietys, spirituality etc than I do, and that by conversing with them asking questions etc I can learn what im supposed to know

What I learned today: It is a lesson I have been learning a lot, to be patient, to stop to smell the roses and notice the bee on the rose instead of looking too far ahead and missing the little stuff.

More work ahead, I should have gotten the clue by 4 by now that I need to sit back take notes and listen.  Now time to try to make this a daily practice.