So um yeah, it was a weird birthday  I went to a trance possession  ritual Sunday  and for a good majority of it was not feeling into it.  Sure I had fun hanging out with folks and dancing for those we called but I was expecting a whole different experience I guess I was being a little selfish I figured since it was my birthday that maybe something would happen –well it did but not in the way I thought it would but we will get to that later.  I was feeling like my head was just really closed up, and Sir asked me if I was having fun and I kinda blurted out no and the difficulties I was having, he reminded me that it doesn’t always happen s and just cause it doesn’t nothings wrong.  And I mentioned in the very beginning it was easy to get possessed and he said that since now you know what happens sometimes it can be more difficult to open your head up   Well then stuff started to happen, I really wanted to talk to La Siren and she showed up but wasn’t very talkative to me, although the energy I felt around her was amazing and got the feeling I really need to go back to the ocean.  So the weirdness started then,Im not going into super detail right at the moment but I had interactions  (where I was not the horse) with 2 that I don’t normally invite/have interactions with/know much about .  One who drew something on me (in marker-had it been their choice it would have been a scalpel).  The other wanted  something Im not ready to give without a lot of thought research, etc and even then not sure id want to-I am being very vague mostly on purpose for the moment if you want details ask me and I might tell you .

Sooo lots more work ahead although on a side note it kinda pissed me off and made me depressed that not a single person commented, sent an email or anything about my what I wanted post on FL kinda hits the self esteem meter way way down.  Sigh, moving on, is it too much to ask for a date? Just one?  I wish I wasn’t so shy so I could ask out a few folks I have eyes on-although I don’t think im really their type, and  the ones I do find that are interested in me are not right for me  wish there was a kinky dating service

More later too tired now