Motivation has been hard to come by lately, Ive been unemployed now for just about 3 months and it seems im going nowhere lately.  I rarely get any responses at all and haven’t gotten even an interview for 2.5 months.  I know im not perfect but damn I did work hard when I was working and do have some skills.  Sometimes I just sit here bumming around on the internet doing nothing cause im like why bother applying for jobs when nothing will happen, and it hurts my self esteem because I fear  no one wants or needs me –both for a job and romantically too.  Some days its hard to get motivated to do anything cook, clean etc

But today I thought about it a lot, no one wanting me is a big fear and theme in my life lately but if I don’t do the work to let people know im available and to be more open then how are folks supposed to get to know me .  I did some devotional work last night as well and felt refreshed.  I also have taken to getting out of the house more whether it be to a park or roaming around a thrift store .  Tomorrow Im going to reorganize my strategies for job searching, and hopefully find new avenues of opportunities


So universe, Im putting it out there that Im available to date, you never know you might like me (localish preferred) writing to follow soon on fl about what im looking for

Im sure Ill need to keep reminding myself that its not as bad as I fear  and that I will find a new job eventually so wish me luck