So last night at the last moment I decided to go to a drag king show at at bar I had heard about.  It was only about 30 mins away.  Its billed as a gay, but welcomes a mixed crowd, so I said what the hell.  Overall the performance was excellent, some of the performers wernt as polished, but dang it takes guts to get up there and perform, and some of them it was their first time.  There was one called Diablo who did a number to Avenged Sevenfolds Nightmare holy god that was hot, Im lusting after the boots they were wearing and they can put me in a straightjacket (they had a partner in one) anytime!
One set of performers though I was a bit put off by they were singing a song and I wanted to offer a tip, which several of the crowd members were doing.  It might be my perception, but I felt they purposely ignored me, I could chalk it up to they didnt see me or their act didnt have them coming in my direction.  But several times I thought I caught their eye and then they would look away, and then one of them came right up to where I was standing with a few other people around, they looked at me looked at the person next to me and grabbed their hand and pulled them out on the floor.  I wasnt expecting the performer to do that to me, I just wanted to give them a tip for the performance they gave, and felt slighted.  Ahh well moving on
After the show the DJ started to play music, but it was rather odd selections, or at least odd to me, what I would consider top 40 type music from about 8-12 months ago but alot of people were dancing so who knows.  After the show most of the crowd was sooo young I bet about 70 percent of the people there  were young enough to be my kid, I felt sooo old.  But there was some really nice eye candy and some I wouldnt mind getting to know better, esp the one in black jeans/shirt with pink suspenders (yeah I know pink but they were hot).
I barely talked to anyone because im so shy, but the music got better as the night went on even if the dj needs to work on his transitions. I so miss going out and dancing on a regular basis, even though I dance like an idiot I have fun and the energy from the crowd is infectious. I hope to go again