I never have been unemployed when I wanted to be.  I starting working around age 15 part time and since then up untill friday I have always had a job Ive always quit a job and had one waiting in the wings.  This past Friday I was laid off, because my work was moved to the Philippines.  I never realized how much work goes into looking for work.  I probably spent multiple hours today filling out online forms because a lot of sites wont let you copy and paste or insert a resume form.  Just narrowing down what sectors of jobs to look for and in what area geographically seems like it takes forever.  Ive turned my desk in my bedroom into command center with maps and sticky notes on the wall about what needs to be done when.  Sometimes I get sad and feel slightly unwanted, but Im trying to look at the bright side I might be able to find a better job in a location I prefer.  And now for a break since my fingers are hurntin