Sooo looking at the writing on the wall, there is a possibility that I might be unemployed in the next few months

I work for a company that handles brand identity, price monitoring, IP/copyright threats etc. For a year we were doing around 10-15 hours a week overtime, paychecks were great but had no time to myself . Then the boss left, a new one took over and they started to farm some of the grunt work off to the phillipines. In therory that was a welcome change, it meant that I could stop doing massive overtime, and we had so much work that them starting really didn’t make a huge dent.

In the beginning they sucked at the work, we had to qc it and they made massive mistakes, they got somewhat better and then they tripled the office size in the philipines. We still had plenty of work to keep us busy but then the weird stuff started happening

Im pretty sure the boss is homophobic, and I really don’t talk to my coworkers if I can help it, they are so close minded so I don’t have an ear on the office gossip. People started to leave with no notice and no word from management as to what happened, not even a canned they are no longer with the company we wish them luck kind of thing. I work in an office of what was 15 people, but in the past say 6-8 months 5 people left 4 with no notice and no word from management, but they hired a new account manage but yet we really havent gained a ton more clients.

To add to it, well this might be might own over reaction, but I have a feeling they are trying to slowly get rid of me. I work on a project that is special, for one client only, that noone else does (or knew how to do up untill 4 weeks ago), which is due every month. I do help out with the “regular” workload as well but this is mine. So about a month ago, about a week and a half before decembers report was due I got an email from the boss saying all the members of my team needed to be trained to do my project. She said well everyone needs to know so they can help you out if you get behind.

Which is bullshit, because I have never been late unless she caused me to be because she pulled me off the project more and made me help the others. She also had me break up the report and have them do parts of it to learn it better. Im all for training a backup, so if im on vacation oh say for beltane and am gone a week I can come back knowing some of it was done instead of coming back and finding I was a week behind.

So because I had to train them and fix their mistakes I was approximately about 4 days later that usual, which is STILL on time I almost always finish up around the 25th of the month. My “team” worked extremely slow, not just I don’t know how to do this slow but ass backwards slow. They also said they were going to be able to do 2 parts of the report, but ended up only being able to do 1 part so I had to scramble at the last minute.

So as this month has progressed, the workload has been getting less and less, as more is being done by the phillipines and suddenly I have all this time to get my project done great, Ill get it done early, and then Wednesday the boss sends an email, oh we are going to have the philipines “try” to do some of your project.

And that made me scared for my job, I might be being paranoid but I looked at the workload for this upcomin week on Friday and there wasn’t much there, so who knows, I sent a rather direct but polite email asking about the workload and whether Ill still have a job so we shall she what she says (well that’s if she responds, she has a habit of not responding to me). I had already started to look for another job in my target area of where I wanted to live, but now I think I really need to step it a lot more!