Music is my “go to thing” it inspires me , when I am sad I can put on show tunes and start singing and and it makes me smile,  if I am frustrated, angry, super emotional  putting on the hardest, fastest thing I have (usually techno or speed metal/punk type stuff) calms  me down.

This weekend I didn’t have any specific plans, I wasn’t traveling anywhere.  I wanted to catch up on my spirituality goal of spending at least 15 mins a day working on it , so I popped my headphones  into my laptop and started playing some upbeat music so I could concentrate .

And there started my weekend long cleansing fest.  After doing some reading I got the inspiration to clean  And I don’t mean just picking a few things up and putting them away.  I mean tearing things apart and moving them around .  I ended up moving by bed into my “craft room” so that I could scrub my bedroom from top to bottom ( still not finished with that part) I feel  clean in both the physical and the energetical/spirituality sense,  I felt like I was cleaning away the negativity, getting a better focus on things.  Eventually when I finish cleaning my “old” bedroom for awhile ill leave my bed in the craft room use my “old” bedroom as a retreat, with my altar some cushions/blankets for hanging out, devotional time and yoga

Also I was sewing  a ritual project and due to the nature of the fabric every time I ate, or got my hands dirty I needed to wash them otherwise the fabric would stain.  When I was running my hands under  the water I could feel the negative stuff washing away with the water, flowing away, making me calm, and making me feel  like the project was going to go well (so far so good)

So a rather productive weekend overall , more work to come