So as predicted Ive  already slacked off on the devoting 15 mins a day to spirituality topics, ive missed today and yesterday.  So Im going to restart thursday, and a book I ordered came in so hopefully that will keep me motivated, got a little too lax and  just vegged.

So yet again I was reduced to tears, I had seen an aquaintance of mine join a group and  I was nosey so I took a look, it was a group for people to leave condolences.  I took a look at the D/M types profile, and I instantly starting crying, the s type that had passed away was a little and it hit me really hard.

There has been some drama in my chosen family right now, some people are struggling with physical, emotional and energetical issues that im not going to get into, and I just wanted to say that my Sir is the bestest (well and Mr Dell is really cool too )-from your little Monkey Toaster