The sense of touch is an amazing thing, something Ive been missing for a long time, not the hug of a friend or a kiss on the cheek-they are all nice and good- but im talking about the touch of the lover.   To have someone  caress your skin whether it be to show you care, to show affection or  the possibility of intimate times.  I think thats why I feel so jealous of people with partners, they are getting that type of touch and im not..

It shows I still need to work on the whole emotions thing, and if i want that type of touch it would help if I actually went on dates and formed relationships but thats where a bunch of complications come in some of which are: that I am painfully shy, that the person would need to be at least kink friendly , that my service to Sir  comes first, that I just came out of a very brief casual dating thing that affected me more than I though it would.    That I am poly/queer/little etc.  So those things  definitely put a damper in things.

I have just been  feeling unloved  lately-not the familial love but the love of a partner, someone that I have a relationship thats more than friends .  I dont have hardly any friends but the really good  ones I do have are very important to me, but they cant replace the touch of a lover.  There are things I need to work on with certain people, but is it too much to ask to feel the touch of a partner exploring every inch of your body occasionally, to get lost in their  touch, their eyes etc.  Im not a super romantic but occasionaly  it would be nice.  I know a new relationship takes  time to build, but it would be nice to have that touch occasionally.