Last night reminded me just how disconnected from community I was.  The performers were great, it was crowded, the bass was so loud that my chest hurt, and the words in most pre recorded songs was unintelligible to me at least.  But im sitting there going I hardly recognize anybody, alot of people were hanging around greeting each other like old friends, chatting etc.  It reinforces just how out in the sticks I live that its not easy or cheap (gas) to be more connected to community and get myself out there -which is a scarey concept just because how shy and nervous I am but I know I need to do it.  Ive always said I wanted to become more involved in whats going on

So the request part:
I request of my friends  either a web site, a news feed, a cause – whether it be spiritual, kinky, queer, gender, religious, political, national or regional etc, that you either believe in/do work for/think I should know about.  I promise to at least put some work into researching, and looking into each suggestion, special preference given to things that are regional -dc/bmore area cause well there aint much around where I live