So the other day the radio show i listen to in the am was talking about the boy who got removed from his mother for being too overweight (see  Now I dont know all of the facts in the story but from what I can gather, they took the child away solely because he was overweight, there was no abuse or bad conditions. They called it “medical neglect”, that the child was “so overweight” and the mother didnt do “enough” to help.  WTF, now the government can take kids away because they are fat?? I could understand if Mom was force feeding the kid or not taking them to necessary Dr’s appts, but it even says she was working on helping the kid lose weight.  Whats next?  Kids being taken away cause parents give them a twinkie or allow them to play video games

Normally  I like the radio show that was discussing this story, they are funny without being stupid,  make fun of every demographic equally dont put up with crap from their listeners and tell it how it is.  However lately they been really harping on, and making alot of fun of overweight folks.  Recently several times they have made comments like overweight people are unhealthy, and made fun of (moreso than usual) an overweight guest they invited to a live taping of their show, saying that she was stinky and making fun of the way she looked.  I was thinking that I should really find another show to listen to.  The last straw came when they agreed with the state about taking the kid away, they said that the kid is unhealthy and the mother should be disciplined.  I turned it to a different station, I couldn’t in good conscious listen anymore to a show that has those kinds of opinions.  I know that Im not going to agree with everything everyone says  but when they put down a segment of the population that I hang out with that much-yes I am fat but that doesnt mean im not healthy, I cant really support them.