So had a mini date with someone relatively new was fun but wish I had more time, because I was running later that expected. Then went back to his place for dinner with his girlfriend, wife, and 2 old friends I havent seen in forever and had a blast, we had a pre thanksgiving turkey dinner since none of us would be around for the real thing. I had a blast!  I hadnt hung out with the old friends in ages it was nice to catch up, and we all sat there chatting about anything and everything.  I got to thinking about the the poly web that had been woven, the 2 old friends, 1 was my mistress and the other had a part time share in me as well.  Currently, the 2 old friends have varying levels of relationship with the wife, girlfriend, and the person im dating from  friends, partners to collared sub.  Its great that we all essentially get along and are comfortable with each other, and that whole compersion thing works so far for this casual dating thing.

Well Ill start the long story of my kinky,life, and spirituality awakening/transformation, journey of the last few years hopefully soon so stay tuned